Gallery Expressionism 1968-1971
Karel Lybrink signed: Michel.

From 1968 till 1975 Karel Lybrink used the pseudonym "Michel Clement" to sign his paintings. At first he started painting in a expressionistic way. An idea, a white canvas, lots of paint and after a session of a couple of hours there it was: a genuine "masterpiece".

Gallery Surrealism 1972-1977
Karel Lybrink
signed: Michel Clement

The 1970 exhibition of Salvador Dali in Booymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam inspired Karel Lybrink from "fast and furious" to a more sophisticated and thoughful painting concept, less colorful, but with more depth.

Karel Lybrink 1975
Karel Lijbrink 1976
Karel Lybrink in aktie 1976
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