Gallery Metaphysica 1978-1984
signed: Karel Lijbrink

Buying a drawing board with a drawing machine was the start of complete different approuch. Straight lines and improper perspective was the new concept. In his expirience it was also the right time to change technique no more palette knife or brushes but airbrush.

Gallery Musical Art Vision 1985-1990
signed: Karel Lijbrink

In time his love of MUSIC came into view. So he created a number of musical compositions in pictures: The Steinway Pianorama's: a slideshow of piano keys in the form of a cityscape. The shape of a number of other instruments was also an inspiration.

NU Amstedam
Karel Lybrink 1980
Karel Lybrink 1982
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computerfestival 1984
Mural "NU" Kinkerstraat Amsterdam 1979
Computerfestifal Meervaart Amsterdam 1984